All of my baking essentials including: extracts, cake batter, fillings and decorations are hand crafted from the most elemental ingredients. I infuse natural flavours by distilling their organic form in spirits to draw out the most pure tasting flavour. Ready mix cake batter? Not found here. My cake batter is made using flours, sugars, milk and eggs from free run chickens. Only adding cocoa to create chocolate cakes and enhancing the flavour and aroma with fresh ground coffee.  

Fillings are made with only the highest quality ingredients. From farm fresh fruit simmered down, to fresh fruit dehydrated and ground into a powder to combine with my ALL butter, buttercream. In similar fashion, my praline paste is made from hazelnuts roasted until aromatic, processed together with caramel until rich and creamy. Likewise, my hand crafted amaretto cherries are made from fresh local cherries, hand pitted, preserved in a simple syrup with a touch of amaretto liquor to achieve the sweet almond flavour.  

There’s not much to say about my buttercream. No fillers. It’s made with sugar, cream, Madagasgar vanilla, and of course butter.




My studio is located in southwestern Ontario roughly an hour and a half from the greater Toronto area nestled in the heart of Norfolk county. Some would even say off the beaten path, in the middle of nowhere, but central to everything (relatively speaking). I am roughly 20 minutes away from Woodstock, Ingersol, Tillsonburg, Simcoe, Waterford, and Port Dover. With some of the most bountiful, lush, farm-rich land in Ontario. On my doorstep I have access to a remarkable network of fresh produce farmers and farmers markets.


By now you've scoured on the internet for hours trying to figure out exactly what you want OR you’ve decided you’re brave enough to leave it all up to me. You’re now in good hands. I’ll collaborate with you to create a cake that’s personalized to you. Using your style, favourite colours, favourite theme, and the purest of flavours.

Using a combination of techniques that I’ve learned like stencilling, texturizing, wafer paper, and detailed designs. You’re not going to find your grocery store, cookie-cutter designs here. My customer focused approach allows for a personal touch to create an inspired cake that will be a highlight of your occasion.  


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Hi! I’m Brittany Caley, owner of Sweet B’s, a boutique cake design studio located in Norwich, ON. After graduating from a two year Baking and Pastry Arts program at Humber College, I found myself gravitating to a more feminine style in regards to design, colour and texture. After giving myself a little time to grow, I really started to get serious about my new found love.

Since founding Sweet B’s in 2016, my passion for creating unique flavour combinations, while using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients has given me the opportunity to be a part of so many amazing people’s special occasions!

By day you can find me crafting sugar flowers in my professional but quaint kitchen, or enjoying a walk on back country roads. At night, I’ll be annoying my family and friends with quirky flavour combinations or sipping red wine whilst contemplating the existence of fairies.